A sailors paradise, the perfect destination for sailing. The Greek Islands take up about twenty percent of the country's territory. Greece offers beautiful nature surroundings, a Mediterranean climate, ancient history and and a wonderful sailing conditions provide an unforgettable sailing excursion. Sailing season typically begin in march and reaches its full volume in July and August. If your looking for a milder more Autumn feel, September and October would be the right traveling months for you. If you are looking to fish November and December would be the best time to sail. You can read and learn a lot about Greece and sailing in the Mediterranean,but it does not compare to seeing the paradise with your own eyes and be able to take in the full beauty of the sailing experience.
     You have the opportunity to choose your own sailing routes, but you will also have valuable advice at your fingertips and guidance from your captain. Another crucial factor is weather conditions, if weather conditions are not appropriate, all previously approved routes can be changed by the captain who will coordinate it with your needs.
      The beginning of your journey in the Ionian sea starts with the magical Greek Island Corfu. Stemming from Italian roots this piece of paradise is the most northern area. Located 39 degrees 40 N and 19 degrees 45 E located only one mile away from the Albanian cost. Lefkada is characterized as having a mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful beaches. This is the original home of Empress Sissi and the weird family of Gerald Durell. Today offers plentiful olive trees, amazing nature scenery and tasty seafood. The mystery of Corfu is in the secret bays which can be seen only from aboard your yacht.
     You wont want to miss the Paleokastrista, Kalamata Bay, Peritiya village, Agios Giorgios Bay, Agios Mattheos Beach, Ipsos, Sidari, Dasi and Acharavi vacation resorts, Ermones, Kavos Beaches, Corfu Town, the Pantocrator church, the Love Passage, Fishing villages; Benitses and Moraitika, Achilleion Palace, St. Michael and George place, Archaeological museum, Saint Maria Church, Water land Water park and Vlaherna Monastery. There are many popular night clubs to choose from located in Kavos and Corfu. The most popular time for tourist to travel this area is July through August. When you order fresh fish in the restaurants it will be calculated per Kilogram, instead of per portion and will be made to order fresh for you.
The climate is mild with moderate summer temperature of 31 degrees and humidity is high.
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     Moving south, we will first pass by Paxos Island, Paxos along with the small Antipaxos belongs to the Island group Paxos. The legend says that Poseidon hit Corfu Island with his trident and used the broken part to create Paxos, a beautiful place for his beloved Nymph Amphitrite and himself.
     Paxos Islands is home to beautiful - clean beaches, crystal clear water, green nature, olive hacienda, and taverns with delicious meals. In the west coast of the Island you can see 200 meter high rocks as well as many of the "blue caves". Paxos and Antipaxos are actually two peaks of underwater mountain. Popular places here include the beaches Glyfada, Leevrechio, Orkos, Monodendri and Arkoudaki. In Gaios town you can buy the famous local extra virgin olive oil. Other well known places are Lakka town, Ipapanti cave the folklore museum and the Venetian fortress.
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    Next we head towards on of the most popular destinations on the Ionian Sea - Lefkada Island. Being around this atmosphere can make you feel like you are a real sailor from the ancient times. The legend says that this place is guarded by gorgeous Aphrodite - the ancient goddess of love. Here the Poetess Sappho jumped from the jagged cliffs and took her life after she lost beloved. In the village of Nidri you will also find the place of glorious Odysseus.
      Lefkada is the second largest of the Ionian Islands. It is located on the west Greek coast with a classic Mediterranean climate. Lefkada is also known for having thermal winds and a high humidity. With only being fifty meters from the Greece mainland this beautiful island is connected by a floating bridge. This makes Lefkada the only Ionian island which can be visited by car. The bridge is opened on the hour each day to allow the boats to be able to pass through the channel from the open Ionian Sea to the enclosed sea between Lefkada, Meganissi and the continental part.
In the area there are more than twenty wonderful beaches available to visit. There is a large variety of traditional Greek restaurants, so be sure not to miss visiting Lefkada, Porto Katziki beach, town of Poros, Agios Ioannis beach, the vacation places Nikiana, Nidri, Vassiliki, Egremni beach, Nidri falls, and only three miles away the town of Sivota.
     Near Lefkada there are many other islands and places worth seeing such as Vassiliki, Meganisi, Kalamos, Kastos, Madouri, Scorpios, Sparti, Porto Katiski and Fiscardo.
     Vassiliki is the second largest vacation spot located on the island being thirty eight kilometers away from the Capital Lefkada, located in the eastern most part of the by. This area welcomes you with its cozy coastal cafeterias, gift shops, taverns, restaurants and night clubs. Here the weather conditions are very conducive for windsurfing and other water sports.
     Scorpios is an Island located in the Ionian Sea located east of Lefkada, it occupies an area of a couple of hectares and is exclusive private property. There is free access to beaches Ambelia and Panagitsa both fascinating and secluded. You will find there several holiday houses a small yacht club and a stone pier.
    Meganisi Island, only six point five kilometers away from Lefkada with the main city Katomeri. One of the biggest attractions that you will find here are the underwater caves Yovani, Daimona and Papanikolis. This place has long clean and secluded beaches, as well as hills with wonderful views over Lefkada. The water is transparent with the ability to see the bottom of the water. The scenery here will surround you with the sounds of the birds chirping and the waves of the sea.
In the northeast Vati Port Mooring there are a lot of yachts and boats. There is a large variety of tasty seafood at good prices located around the walking area. Other popular destinations are located in the towns of Vathi, Katomeri, and Spartochori, beaches Megalo Limonari, Fanari, and Agios Ioannis, Cave Papanikolis, St.Joan church, St Constantin and Helen church.
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     Fiscardo is located in the northern port of Kefalonia, just fifty four kilometers away from Argostoli. The village is known to be very quiet and the town of Fiscardo is known forbeing a landmark in itself. Here it is perfect for family vacations and spending some time to relax. The underground lake of Melissani is worth seeing as well as the nearby villages of Tselendata, Manganos, Vassilikades and Assos. There is a well preserved cemetery from the Roman Empire time, an Antique theater with stone sands and house remain sand bath complex is also situated nearby, these are all very unique properties of the Ionian island. For your convenience there is a bank, as well as an ATM as well as two travel agencies which offer currency exchange. The nearest medical center is located in Vassilikades, there are many restaurants available around the port, scuba diving schools,a fuel station and supermarkets for your shopping convenience. More information can be found at

    Porto Katsiki is located thirty five kilometers away from Lefkada, near the Athani Village. It is one of the top traveling destinations with some of the most beautiful European beaches.
    The next destination where we can stop is the world famous Island of Zakynthos, one of the sunniest places located in Greece and the third largest located in the Ionian Islands. The coastline is roughly one hundred and twenty three kilometers around seventy six miles in length. In the area you can also visit Maherado and Keri villages, the shipwreck beach known as Navagio, Gerakas beaches as well as the Museums of Dionysios Solomos and Eminent Zakynthians, Vertzagio Folklore Museum, and the church of Agios Dionysios. The resorts on the east shore are famous with their wild night life but there are several beaches which are not that crowded or with a lot of hotels around. Towards the west you can find lots of scenic views and quiet villages.
    Another popular place in Zakynthos is the national Marine Park around the bay of Kalamaki. This is the place where endangered Caretta tortoises bury their eggs in the sand.Their is amazing scuba diving here located in the Blue caves. Here you can see various sea life species such as octopuses, tortoises, and different types of fish.
     A must to see is here is the incredible clean bay Laganas and the Navagio beach. Laganas is more suitable for people who are looking to party while Kalamaki is more for people looking to have a more quiet relaxing time, perfect for families. The panoramic view from Bochali hill is an amazing sight to be seen, You can see the whole Zakynthos city and the Navagio bay from there. It is like a deep blue eye and its iris is the famous shipwreck.
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    Много история има на остров Лефкада. С влизането те посреща цялото средновековно великолепие на замъка Агиа Мавра - истинско произведение на изкуството, археологическите останки на древния град Нирикос - Калигони, арките на замъка - манастир Каламу, етнографския музей в Кавалос, Фолклорния музей, Музея на грамофоните, Манастир Панагия, музея Kathisma и още и още.
   The trip usually ends where it started or somewhere near the beginning point. We would like to invite you on board to experience the incredible Island in the Ionian sea from aboard our yachts. Please keep in mind that there is never enough time to see everything that there is to see with one experience but we will be happy to welcome you back on board for another great yachting experience.

Typically the last night will take you where you started or somewhere near that point. You are welcome to enjoy the incredible Islands in Aegean Sea from on board our yachts but keep in mind that you probably will not have time to see everything you hoped but we will be happy to welcome you back for another trip.


Rout Chalkidiki roundtrip Sitonia and visiting Athos
     This route is mostly dedicated to those who like sailing and staying
on anchor away from the crowded ports. The waters between Sitonia
and Athos penninsulasare usually calm. Vourvourou lagoon provides
great conditions for water sports as well as relaxation.
     Starting from Sithonia you can visit nearby Kelifos "Turtle Island" with
its unique rocks and bird colony's as well as the beautiful bay
Ag. Kiriaki. You can also stop by Porto Koufo a small fishing village at the
Sithonia shore. The pure nature that surrounds you will leave you
breathless. Here you will also find the largest "natural Harbors" in Greece
used as a base by the Turkish pirates as well as by the German
submarines in World War II.
      The next stop is the Athos peninsula - the Monastic Republic, from on board this place offers a lot of sight seeing up close at the eight monasteries. You can also fish, sunbathe or simply enjoy the beautiful sailing experience. Ormos Panagias is one of the most pictorial places in the region with a beautiful harbor and beaches. Next we reach the lagoon Vourvourou with its turquoise blue waters you can see the bottom. This place has the unique combination of having calm waters, wild forests located in the mountains and nine unique small islands which make our trip perfect. Enjoying diving in the crystal waters of Diaporos Island is a unique experience. There are also wild beaches to experience as well as Church St. Andreas to see or visiting the chapel of Panagia in Vourvourou. There is also a huge wall fortification of unknown time’s seperating Sithonia from the other part of Khalkidiki. And for the fish lovers we will visit the tavern by way of a dinghy. Sikias rock is famous with the sandy beaches in the near.

      You have the opportunity to stop wherever you would like to, usually the last night finishes at the same point as where you began your journey or near that point. You are welcome to enjoy the incredible islands in the Aegean Sea with us just keep in mind that you may not be able to fit in everything that you want to do in one trip but we will be happy to invite you on board with us again for another trip.

Once called "Greece's Secret Paradise" Khalkidhiki is located in the northern region of Greece. It has a distinctive shape of "three legs" that form peninsulas. While the terrain is mountainous the three peninsulas are mainly coastal. The topography form a variety of beautiful gulfs and bays offering great conditions for yacht charter holidays.
The three peninsulas are Kassandra, Sithonia and the Holy mountain of Athos. Among the three Kassandra is the most developed especially in terms of tourism. Kassandra is known for having many hotels, shops, restaurants and marinas.
    Sithonia on the other hand offers provides a quieter alternative. Mount
Athos is the only Republic in the world and the mythology says that you
can find buried large Enceladus. The name Mount originates from the rock
that was thrown against the Olympic Gods.Back in the ninth century it was
here that they found the first monastic community. The northern part of the
peninsula belongs to the city of the Thessalonki close to the nearest airport.
Almost every town has a port with large numbers of yachts and boats
docked. The most popular places are private marinas such as Porto Carras,
Sithonia and Sani Marina, Kassandra. You also must not forget the incredible
beautiful ports of Ormos Panagias and Neos Marmaras. The starting point of
your sailing adventure will be the port where the chosen yacht is based.
Route Khalkidiki with visiting the charming Sporades.
    These Islands are known as some of the best sailing grounds in the Mediterranean. They are combining the ultimate natural beauty of the timeless atmosphere of the ancient Greek villages. Starting from Sithonia you can visit nearby Kelifos also known as (Turtle Island) with its unique rocks and bird colony as well as the beautiful bay Ag. Kiriaki. You can also stop by Porto Koufo the small fishing village were the fish are plentiful at the Sithonia shore. The pure nature all around is just breathtaking. Here there is also the largest "natural harbor" in Greece used as a base by Turkish pirates as well as by German submarines during World War II.
    The longest stretch for sailing is towards the direction of Kyra Panagia the uninhabited island, a nature reserve with excellent snorkeling conditions. This stretch is approximately thirty five sea miles long and will take around a half a day to get through. This place has the perfect weather for fishing, sunbathing and enjoying. The Island belongs to the closter Great Lavra and its shore is one of the pictorial ones of the northern part of the Aegean Sea. We will visit Panormos a 'natural harbor"at the west skopeles shore. The simply beautiful with turquoise blue waters you can see the bottom as well as having the lee created by the highs around. The famous beach has a lot of visitors and offers water sports, cozy restaurants and shops.
      Passing by the Alonissos Island and the beautiful harbor Patitiri, the houses here are built am-phi theatrical over the rocks. Green Island has adorable pines beetling over the sea. Next reaching Skiathos this place has grown a lot over the years and today is a small version of the world famous Mikonos.There are a significant number of night clubs if you are looking for a wild night life. There is really beautiful nature with a lot of wooded areas, palms and olive trees. Here is located the most beautiful beach located in Aegean Sea - Koukounaries.  To return to Sithonia it takes sixty five miles which takes around ten hours of travel time.
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