1. Yacht charter

We are offering luxury yachts for rent located in Bulgaria and Greece, providing you a different and exiting experience, great spirit and unforgettable memories.
Please take a look at our current offer HERE

2. Additional services

By request we can offer you transportation to the port, airplane tickets, transfer from airport to airport, by your choice we can offer catering services on the yacht as well as mini bar services with your favorite items at your request.

3. Yacht management

If you have your own yacht and would like us to partner up with us feel free to contact us. We will inform you the details about the necessary requirements and conditions that your yacht will need in order to be chartered. We will handle the entire process for charters as well as making sure the captain will monitor your boat in order to stay in perfect condition.

4. Yacht brokerage

Many of our customers who rented a yacht with us our interested in purchasing a yacht after their trip and can do so as we can offer brand new and used boats for sale. The boats are located in Bulgaria as well as many other European country's, you can simply contact us with all of your wants and needs and will find the best one for you.

In section Yachts for sale you can find our current offers available in Bulgaria.

5. Yacht equipment

Once you are a proud owner of a yacht the next step is to choose the necessary additional equipment.

We can offer you a good price on safety, navigation and other yacht equipment

6. Registration and delivery

In case you purchased your yacht from a different country other than Bulgaria and would like to transport it to another country we can offer assistance through special forwarding or if possible under its own power. We can also advice you in details regarding the registration status and the national flag that you are going to register your yacht as well as to do for you the complete process of the registration. (Bulgarian, Maltese and Holland flag)

7. Yacht insurance

We have been working with an expert insurance company for many years. Pantaenius Austria is our trusted partner, in any event that we would need to put in an insurance claim we will offer their special terms and conditions with you.

8. Yacht service

We are available if you need assistance regarding damage, technical failure or disaster we will provide experienced professionals to make the correct diagnosis and remove technical problems. Or to fix repair the established failures or damages we offer:

- Diagnostics and repair
- Installation of new equipment
- Repair of installations
- Replacement of engines, supply of generators
- Spare parts supply, lubricants and supplies, paints, varnishes, marine navigation and electronics, life and signal means sailing equipment, anchors, chains, ropes, tents, ladders, covers, etc.
# 10 Vitosha Blvd. office 16,
Sofia, Bulgaria